A Partnership Built on Trust

We believe that constructions are more than concrete, steel, and glass. It is a place for ideas, for inventing, for connecting. It is a place where visions come to life.

Lifting Trader Group is a reputable service provider that is not only known for delivering rental services but also giving support on an engineering and project management driven approach. We are in the construction industry the leader and your specialist for access lifting, with the largest database of cranes, heavy forklifts and access platforms in the Central and North West of Europe.

Our equipment rental companies from UE, represent a platform for construction industries offering turnkey solutions for your entire project. Our teams of engineers are ready to fully serve your needs with utmost efficiency. Our group is made up of representative parties from different areas of the product supply chain including technical experts for cranes, heavy forklifts and access platforms.

At Lifting Trader we believe it is not what you do but "How" you do business that makes you different. We see our clients as partners, there are no barriers. Our client relationships are built on trust, transparency, honesty and a commitment to deliver effective and value-added solutions. We treat each engagement like it’s our only one and work hard to earn and keep your trust. Our successes and our futures are tied together. Our world and business are changing. Our core values remain.

How we do business is critical to our continued success. The "How" is represented by our core values of Integrity, Quality, Commitment, and Innovation. You see the "How" in our people, products, and processes. You recognize it in how we operate every business, every day, and in the ways we treat customers, suppliers, dealers, and other stakeholders. Our core values define us. Our commitment to the next four core values: integrity, quality, commitment, innovation, is not optional, and never wavers.

Having a close link between strategy and execution is critically important. Your strategy is your promise to deliver value: the things you do for customers, now and in the future, that no other company can do as well. Your execution occurs in the thousands of decisions made each day by people at every level of your company.
Quality, innovation, profitability, and growth all depend on having strategy and execution fit together seamlessly. If they don’t fit - if you can’t deliberately align them in a coherent way - you risk operating at cross-purposes and losing your focus.

We have found that the most iconic enterprises - companies such as Loxam, Cramo, Riwal or Ramirent are exceptionally coherent. They put forth a clear winning value proposition, backed up by distinctive capabilities, and apply this mix of strategy and execution to everything they do.

Any company can follow the same path as these successful firms, and an increasing number of companies are doing just that. If you want to become the same like them, you will need to cultivate the ability to translate the strategic into the everyday. This means linking strategy and execution closely together by creating distinctive, complex capabilities that set your company apart, and applying them to every service in your portfolio. These capabilities combine all the elements of execution - technology, human skills, processes, and organizational structures - to deliver your company’s chosen value proposition.

The principles, derived from our experience at lifting equipment’s field of activity can help you avoid common pitfalls and accelerate your progress. For companies that truly embrace strategy through execution, principles like these become a way of life.


Develop Strategic Partnership

  • Our goal is to connect the best local rental companies with the end users and contractors and provide for the last one the best quality equipment. Our reliable service, industry expertise, and team fortitude, will result in time and cost savings thus keeping our clients under budget and on schedule.

Our goal is to build strong partnership with our client to ensure there is a mutual understanding of schedules, responsibilities, expectations, project scope and cost impact, with the goal of creating and maintaining permanent and profitable customer relationships.


Preconstruction services lay the groundwork that results in all successful projects. Most cost savings are identified during the preconstruction phase. Our processes point the way to satisfy customers’ demands, with maximum benefit for them.

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