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  • Our group is designed to operate as one. A single global partnership united by a strong set of values, including a deep commitment to diversity. Our mission is to build on a foundation of trust, when true trust is based on the next 3 key principles:
    • Competence – We do what we say and we are good at what we do.
    • Cares – We have a genuine desire to meet the needs of our clients..
    • Reliable Partnership – We follow through on our commitments.
Our group consists of associated companies that help us provide a more holistic and in-depth services to our clients, associates and all other stakeholders. As a group we are dedicated to the overall improvement of a business' performance. We take a global approach, providing organizations with consultancy solutions that will improve their overall business performance.

Our solutions are bespoke to your business and challenges, designed to significantly improve your performance. Delivering tangible and measurable results, they provide all the necessary levers to 'secure, accelerate and anticipate' opportunities for growth and improvement. We are a trusted partner to our clients, providing long-term solutions, support and advice to help develop, improve and grow their businesses.

We take a proactive approach and work collaboratively with our clients to achieve the best solutions for their challenges and tangible benefits and results. Our own business is driven by a culture of 'Open Performance'. Our teams are driven by innovation and the ability to identify areas of business performance improvement you may not have even considered.

To succeed, we do our best to look beyond the shortsighted horizons of today’s economy, and focus on what is sustainable in the long run - not only for the construction but also for the society. We take an active role in a number of progressive projects and we’re confident our efforts will lead us to a more prosperous, fair and environmentally sound future. To have a future, we must do business sustainably. That’s as true for our company as it is for the planet as a whole.

We are driven by the idea that through imagination, hard work and technological innovation we will lead the way towards developing a world that is cleaner, smarter, and more connected. We believe in a sustainable future. And with the global construction industry as our arena, we work together with our customers to turn this belief into reality for people everywhere. That is our purpose, and we live and breathe it. Every day.

Business growth starts with a vision - your vision. Armed with insights and the right resources, your plans become tangible by developing a roadmap from where you start, to where you’re headed. Our mission is to help you to reach there: At Substantial Growth - New insights, strategies and capabilities to reach next level, tapping "done that before" expertise.

While every great vision is informed by gut instinct, every great and lasting organization is built on data-driven insight and a market-perspective. Our approach assures that each company’s unique mission is supported by customer, competitive and organizational insights. With this knowledge, a business moves quickly and confidently towards its goals with new market-based discipline and repeatable processes.

With knowledge gained from market insights, a highly relevant market-focused strategy can be developed. This includes defining the customers and segments served the offerings that will satisfy demand, priced to maximize a return, and positioned to win. A company gains enormous advantage when it knows explicitly where it is going and how it will get there, which continually delivers a higher level of organizational effectiveness.

The market success requires careful alignment and organizational coordination with the company’s strategic plans. Only then the strategical approach can deliver results in the most efficient means possible. And with fully transparent objectives and measurement systems, the business stays in touch with the real needs of customers and in this way to ensure the applied solutions is repeatable, driving profitable growth.

With our professional team, we believe that Lifting Trader can be the best partner that provides the best service within the region.
Our mission is to provide solutions to our customers. We aim to boost their working efficiency, reducing the cost at the same time.
By having connections with various famous suppliers around Europe, we provide quality equipment that meets the highest standards.
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